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Become a Cranial Adjusting Virtuoso in one weekend. And More.

Imagine learning a powerful clinical procedure that can be performed in 60 to 90 seconds that can balance the pelvis and spine and instantly restore tone to skeletal muscles and improve internal function. All with light fingertip pressure.

Some Recent Changes:

Please note that Drs. Kriebel and Marmorstein have decided after several years co-teaching the CLFT Seminars to move forward in teaching their own individual seminars in areas that better match their individual research interests. Their contact information is available below in the website footer. Click the CONTACT Link to be directed there.

If you have participated in their training classes and need assistance, either one will be happy to provide support. 

Dr. Stuart C. Marmorstein D.C., Instructor

Dr. Stuart C. Marmorstein D.C., Instructor

Dr. Mary L. Kriebel, D.C., Instructor

Dr. Mary L. Kriebel, D.C., Instructor

Lateral View of Cranium

A Key to Good Health and a Healthy Practice!

CRANIAL LOW FORCE TECHNIQUE is easy to learn and apply. It is also easy to receive!


Patients love how gentle and relaxing the CLFTtreatment is to receive. Our technique can be performed with the patient supine or sitting. It requires only light manual pressure. No heavy stretching, pressure or instrument insertions with CLFT. And, it takes only a minute or two from start to finish.

Use a method that will improve your results, and integrate well with your practice, not bog it down!


Taking on cranial adjusting is very rewarding. It also shoulders you with the responsibility to do it right. It simply is not true that one type of cranial adjustment will work well for all patients, or even be safe for all patients. We will teach you how to have certainty about what you're doing with each patient's head.

When you perform CLFT competently, therapeutic magic happens. Yes, you will see real structural, neurological and endocrine changes in your patients. You can effect the Dura Mater, the cranial nerves and more on the spot--and demonstrate this to your patients.

Use CLFT to turn muscles ON. Get lasting structural change and become a hero to your patients.

Your instructors have an extensive background in muscle testing, chiropractic and cranial adjusting.

We have found that spinal (and extremity) stability depend upon reliable muscular support.

You will learn to isolate muscles to display them to the patient's brain. After testing a series of muscles and performing CLFT, the brain will immediately bring weak muscles back online. Be the "Miracle Doctor" that helps this to happen.


“Cranial Low Force Technique (CLFT) is amazing!

CLFT is SOOOOOO much EASIER that working every muscle with the RR2! Why?

#1: You DO NOT have to test and work the muscle individually! Unlike other "muscle techniques," there is much LESS wear and tear on the doctor and the patient! HUGE!!

#2: It DOES NOT take 15-20 visits to get a muscle strong! Unlike other "muscle techniques," it doesn't take FOREVER to get the muscle to stay strong! The CLFT correction lasts!!!! HUGE!!

#3: CLFT allows you to test the muscles and fix them all at ONCE with a very simple and easy cranial adjustment! HUGE!!

What does that mean? HAPPIER PATIENTS!”

Michael L. Johnson, DC, DABCN

“Ten years ago, I received the diagnosis of lupus and adrenal fatigue. I suffered from severe nausea and vomiting, which kept me in bed most days, too sick to do most normal daily activities. . It was common for me to go to the ER when the vomiting became uncontrollable and dehydrated me. . I took two kinds of nausea medicine. During this time my blood work always resulted in a positive anti-nuclear antibody test. . After having no success with treatment from a variety of physicians, I began receiving cranial treatments from Dr. Kriebel. I began to improve, and had more days that I could be out of bed, functioning better, but still would have episodes of nausea and was still taking both of the nausea medicine.

A few years ago, Dr. Kriebel began to use a new cranial method on me called Cranial Low Force Technique. Since then, I have the ability to live my daily life in a normal fashion, without the nausea medicines. The severe nausea and vomiting that kept me in bed, as well as the adrenal fatigue are gone I truly am blessed from the benefits I have received from the CLFT treatments. One surprising benefit that occurred and has remained constant is that when I have a blood test, my anti-nuclear antibody is now negative.”

Karen Ali, Patient

“Cranial Low Force Technique is a unique and simple technique that gets results. It is very easy for the practitioner to perform and is very gentle for the patient. This technique helps contribute to the longevity of the practitioner because of the lack of wear and tear on the practitioner. CLFT is also very flexible in that it can be performed on the patient in a seated or supine position. It is so gentle that it can be performed with safety and confidence on all patients geriatric or pediatric. CLFT is quick and easy allowing it to be implemented in your office on Monday morning in addition to what you normally do or as a stand alone technique. Dr. Marmorstein and Dr. Kriebel are terrific teachers that ensure you will be able to use CLFT with skill and confidence. I highly recommend taking CLFT and implementing it into your practice.”

Jeff Roberts, DC

“My experience with this powerful neurologically-based procedure has been nothing short of amazing. It is both easy and gentle on both patient and practitioner, along with being a technique that takes minimal time to perform. My patients love the immediate change that is often experienced. When I personally experienced the technique on my own chronic low pain, I was astounded at the immediate relief I got. Prior to the 2 treatments I received, my low back pain/sciatica was a “12” on a 1-10 scale. Within minutes of receiving my second treatment on the same day, my pain went to a “0” and stayed that way for 2 months. Nothing had ever worked that way in the past and I had tried just about everything. Simply Amazing! You have to do this for both yourself and your patients.”

Dr. David A. Siegel, DC CCN DACBN

Contact information

Dr. Mary L. Kriebel, D.C.
1231 Cumberland Ave, Ste D
West Lafayette, IN 47906

(765) 490-3086

Dr. Stuart C. Marmorstein, D.C.
Head 2 Foot
3730 Kirby Drive, Suite 1200
Houston, TX 77098

(713) 831-6875